Spray Tanning

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Sunless spray tanning is the quickest way to get a bronzed look without UV exposure!

We offer the Mystic Spray Tan Booth that gives a natural even looking tan in seconds!

Pre Sray Tan:

It is best to shower, shave and exfoliate before coming in for a spray tan. It is also best to come in with no makeup and no lotion on. This will create a clean and even base for the spray tan.


Spray Tanning:

We have two different solutions to choose from: Bronze or Clear and three different levels: Level 1, 2 and 3. Our expert tanning associates will help you decide the perfect color solution just for you!


Post Spray Tan:

For best results do not shower or do any activities that will make you sweat 4-6 hours after doing a spray tan.

The color will take 24 hours to fully develop.  

It will lasts 4-7 days. (This will depend on your skins natural exfoliation process.)

It is very important to moisturize more often when spray tanning so your tan will last longer and look even!


Cocktail Spray Tan:

Get the most luxurious tan by using one of our High or Medium Pressure tanning beds then spray tan! This will give you THE BEST bronzed look!


Spray Tan Products:

We offer Mystic Tan products to give your tan an extra boost!

Mystic Tan Accelorator - accelerate desired sunless results!

Mystic Tan Sunless Self-Tanning Spray



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